Solo & Ensemble UIL Competition

UIL Solo and Ensemble Competition on January 27


We’re so proud of all the students, the effort they put in and the learning they achieved throughout this process. All the students represented the Austin High Orchestra program and themselves extremely well. 

A big, special congratulations to those students who played Class 1 solos from memory, earned a superior rating, and qualified for the State UIL Solo & Ensemble competition:  

Violin: AJ Benjamin, Edward Lee, Stella Smits

Viola: Abner Seefeldt, Noah Facundo, Eric Chiang

Cello: Julian Felix, Ethan Barrera, Gabriel Munoz, Gideon Head


Please read the following instructions carefully and make sure you / your student understands them.

  • Dress appropriately (see above)
  • Bring all of personal materials, music, rock stop shoulder rest, rosin and a clean instrument. 
  • Bring the original music for the judge with measures numbered. Write performers and school names on the music. 
  • Have a copy to read themselves.
  • They’ll enter at the Main Akins HS Fine Arts Lobby and use the Band Hall for warm-up.
  • Practice only in designated areas (Band Hall). 
  • Class 1 Solo students must declare to the judge their intent to perform from memory to be eligible for TSSEC.
  • At the end of their performance, make sure to wait at the end to get the judge’s copy back so they can return the music to Ms. Solis on Monday.  
  • If you have an emergency text Ms. Solis at 512-431-8059

Please remember to pay the pianist who will accompany your student at the competition. Costs for the pianist will be a personal expense paid by each student and will be between $60 and $75. This price includes two practices and the performance on January 27th. Consult Blend or your student for information about how to pay the pianists.

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