Each summer, our director and Orchestra Student Council members organize a one-week, half-day camp required for all orchestra students, usually 2 to 3 weeks before the start of the new school year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students—especially new students—to bond and have fun together.

During camp, we prepare for the new year and begin important instruction and rehearsal. We work on

  • New music for fall concerts and competitions, for all orchestras.
  • Region orchestra audition excerpts
  • Sectional rehearsals led by our private instructors
  • Technique (especially important for students who get a little rusty over the summer months)

And we prepare for the new school year. Students:

  • Choose their school instruments
  • Get measured for performance uniforms (dresses and tuxedos)
  • Reconnect with friends!

The cost to parents for the camp is very low, primarily covering the cost of the private instructors we bring in to work with different groups of students, supplies, and snacks.

The camp is also another opportunity for parents to get involved.

We announce the summer camp dates in the last month of the school year, so stay tuned!
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