Orchestra Boosters

Welcome Orchestra Parents!

The Austin High Orchestra program wouldn’t be able to offer all of the amazing opportunities it does without the support of wonderful, involved parents like you.

Please consider attending the meetings, held by the elected AHOP board. They occur one evening each month during the school year, with one or two ramp-up meetings during the summer. You can learn about different opportunities to get involved or just learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes of the program so that you can better support your student.

Created as a Booster Club in 1987, the Austin High Orchestra Parents (AHOP) has become the driving force behind communication and cooperation between the orchestra director, orchestra students, and orchestra parents. The AHOP

  • provides project materials
  • coordinates volunteers for events
  • organizes and operates fundraisers
  • manages the weekly newsletter
  • researches opportunities for trips and activities
  • uses funds to pay for necessary items such as lockers, instrument repairs, music camp scholarships, and stipends, and many other projects and initiatives in support of the Austin High School Orchestra program

Orchestra Boosters Officers 2023-2024

President: Joy Lobb

The President provides an agenda and presides at all meetings of the Booster Club, serves as the official liaison to the Orchestra Director, and coordinates activities of the Booster Club.

Vice-President: Sandee Vargas

The Vice-President performs, when the President delegates or is unable to perform, the duties of the President.

Treasurer: Stacie Mitchamore

The Treasurer receives and deposits all funds with the school bookkeeper; requests payment and disbursement of funds for vendor invoices; creates and maintains an accurate record of all deposits and disbursements; and manages the finances of the Booster Club, including the individual student sub-accounts.

Secretary: Heidi Gysan

The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all Board meetings; writing correspondence for the Booster Club; distributing information for publication in the weekly PTSA newsletters; ensuring that the orchestra’s database includes contact information for all orchestra families; and distributing reminders of activities and meetings to orchestra families.

Donations/Outreach Coordinators

The Donations/Outreach Coordinator leads the process of securing donations of goods and monetary contributions to support the orchestra’s activities; coordinates fundraisers; and recruits Orchestra Baton Level sponsors.

At-Large Members and Advisors

At-large members attend most board meetings and participate in discussions and decision-making. At-large members provide support as needed, for example coordinating publicity for concerts and fundraisers; helping plan for and run the summer camp; maintaining the orchestra’s website; providing post-event analyses; and identifying resources.

Advisors, usually parents of students who have graduated, support the activities of the Austin High Orchestra and lend valuable support to planning and execution of the various activities.

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